March 19, 2009

Ultimate Travel Packing List

So I'm leaving to Puerto Rico for work next week. This is actually my second work trip to Puerto Rico and as some of you might recall, I had a not so good experience at the airport the first time---they LOST my luggage!!!  Anywho, this time around I don't want to take my chances, so I've decided to take all my stuff in a carry-on luggage. But with all the rules about what you can and can't take in a carry-on, I wanted to be extra careful I wasn't taking something that I would later have to leave behind (I've already had my tweezers confiscated twice). 

So for those of you that will be traveling soon, especially now for Spring Break, I've decided to share with you my ULTIMATE Packing List! For some reason I can never travel without making one (and then I'll go over it a million and one times). If you're going the carry-on luggage route like I am, I've also made a special note on the items you can and can't take with you in your carry-on luggage. Click here to get my handy dandy list. 

* I actually blogged about what happened to me in Puerto Rico last time, so you can get the full scoop here and find out if I ever found my luggage! 



  1. yay!!! this is so handy....perfect for my Costa Rica trip!!

  2. Good idea to travel with carry on, I always try to only bring carry-on luggage. It takes a little bit more effort but it's so worth it.


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