Would You Pay $10,000 for Perfume?

October 29, 2009   
$10,000 might sound a bit (make that ALOT) out of my price range than I would ever imagine to pay for perfume, but apparently one Parisian shopper bought fragrance #2 from French perfume house, L'Artisan Parfumeur for that price. So what exactly do you get for $10,000 you ask? Well , L'Artisan has created 8 unique fragrances which will yours exclusively forever. That means no one could every purchase it.

The person also receives a "certificate of authentication" along with four 100 ml bottles, four 50 ml bottles and four 15 ml bottles. If the buyer runs out...no worries, they can order more at $450 per 100 ml bottle and even will the certificate to their heirs....hmmm a fragrance legacy. Would you pay this kind of money to have your own scent? I think I'll stick with my perfume for now.

Photo: Courtesy L'Artisan Parfumeur
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  1. i guarantee you can find any of those custom smells in sephora or macys or something.


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