Beauty Review: VS Lip Gloss

July 30, 2010   
The other day I received a couple of Victoria's Secret Beauty products to review and one of them included this VS lip gloss. It has become my go-to lip gloss for every day wear. It's goes on very natural looking (the perfect amount of gloss, not too shinny in a pinkish/neutral tone). It also has antioxidant rich with acai berry and SPF 15, which protect your lips from the sun (which as you might have seen from my post very important!) And did I mention it's only $10, definitely worth the buy.

VS Limited Edition Spring 2010 Lip Gloss, VS, $10


  1. This looks like the perfect lip gloss! I'll have to try it sometime (:


  2. No swatch? I was wondering if it's sticky too. I only have 1 gloss from VS and it's sooo sticky. It last for hours though so I can get past it when I use it for a night out, but definitely can't use it for daily wear cause the sticky-ness is just too much.



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