Beauty: Hairstyle for Fall {Before & After}

September 5, 2013   

Hey guys, I'm so excited to introduce to you one of our newest contributor, Natalie Howell. She'll be popping in from time to time on the blog sharing the latest in fashion and beauty. Today, she's sharing with us her new hairstyle for fall.  Let's give her a warm welcome! 

As the mom of a precocious (almost 3 year old) little girl that takes up most of my waking hours, I don't exactly have the luxury of sitting in a salon chair every time I decide on a new color or change of style. When I actually have made the time to visit a salon, the results never quite turned out the way I envisioned. I have walked in with an idea of what I wanted and walked out with someone else's idea of “my” hair style and color.

It was time to give it another shot. This time I visited the Vidal Sassoon Salon in Miami Beach.  I was to have the “perfect cut and color” as their website boasts. From the moment I walked into the salon I felt at ease. Everyone was very friendly. Soon any fears I may have had, subsided; after all I was inside the studio of a hairstyling icon that revolutionized the industry. I'm pleased to report that I had a great experience. First, I got to sit with Jesse (Color Director of the salon) who was great at going over everything from the color to the style that would work best with my features. He walked me through every step and it quickly became evident: This guy knows what he's talking about.

Jesse thoroughly explained new coloring techniques and hairstyle ideas. We were like old friends contemplating what new color I would love. He truly understood the change I was going for and executed it in a way that worked best for me. I ended up choosing a coloring process called “Paneling." While I loved the idea as he presented it to me, I didn't realize I would love it even more once I saw how it looked on me!

It was now time for the cut. I sat with Joseph (Creative Director of the salon) who gave the iconic precision cut they are so well known for. I was so extremely pleased with the overall experience and results. Vidal Sassoon mastered -my- perfect cut and color. I now have this beautiful bob that works perfectly for my features and the shape of my face. I love it! I couldn't be happier with my hair and with the salon itself. All my friends and family are amazed with my new look and while I may want to keep Vidal Sassoon Salon as my little secret, I just might tell them and everyone about it . . . maybe.

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