Fab Find Alert!

I recently came across these amazing bags called
"Mochilas Orinoco" and thought I'd share. The colors and details of each bag are amazing. They have this really cute baby blue colored one I LOVE!! The bags come all the way from the Colombian-Venezuelan border and are handcrafted by a tribe of Indians called Wayuu. I'm always looking for bags that I can just throw all my stuff in and go--so the sizes of these bags are great. There are also so many colors and patterns to chose from....you can see them all on Facebook if you search for "Mochilas Orinoco."

My Fav.

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  1. JustOrinoco Mochilas can be found on www.justorinoco.com or on Facebook Groups JustOrinoco Mochilas.

    Mochilas are a tradition in Latin America, bred from it's history, it resides in all of us. It takes one brand and one people to make it come alive and transport it into the mainstream, The JustOrinoco collection is the medium that makes our cultures flow across borders. JustOrinoco, it’s what walks with us.

    They are handmade in the Guajira region of Colombia. They are branded JustOrinoco and have been given the complete approval by designers John Crocco of Perry Ellis and Richie Rich during the Ocean Drive Fashion Week in Miami.


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