Video: Spring Trends and Tips to Combat Allergies

March 31, 2015   

Last week, I was on Univision's Despierta America sharing tips on how to combat allergies along with the latest spring trends and beauty tips.

Hope you enjoy!

5 Spring Dresses Under $50

March 30, 2015   

Spring is in the air and in case you're looking for some new Spring dresses to add to your wardrobe, here are 5 budget friendly options all under $50 bucks.

1. Peach Dress, T.J. Maxx, $34

2. Sleeveless Dress, H&M, $34

3.Blue Dip-Dye Maxi Dress, Lulu's, $45

4.Striped Dress, Old Navy, $27

5. Floral Dress, Marshalls, $19

5 Tips for Dressing Your Post-Pregnancy Body

March 26, 2015   

One of the biggest style challenges I had was not so much dressing my baby bump, but rather dressing my post-pregnancy body. I remember looking in the mirror and thinking—who is that person looking back at me? Getting dressed is a different story. But not to worry… here a few simple tips I picked up along the way to help make dressing your post-pregnancy body a cinch.

1. It’s ok to still wear pregnancy jeans. It’s easy to want to jump right back to your regular jeans, but it’s OK to still wear your pregnancy jeans those first couple of months. I practically lived in mine. Not only are they comfortable, but they are also flattering.

2. Invest in shapewear. Shapewear is your best postpartum friend. Consider investing in a good pair of shapewear post pregnancy. It will make all your clothes fit great and smooth out any bulges.

3. Look for flowy tops. Flowy tops and blouses are great for hiding any post-pregnancy belly, instead of those that cling to your body. I dreaded the thought of being asked, “When are you due?” Pair them with printed loose fitted shorts (like those in the picture) or jeans that are tailored at the ankle to balance out your frame.

4. Wear monochromatic colors. Wearing monochromatic colors can instantly make you look slimmer. Consider for example wearing a pair of black pants and pairing them with black shoes. This will give the illusion of leaner, longer legs.

5. Wear blazers. A blazer is great for framing your shape and adding structure–just make sure it falls below the hips so it doesn’t look boxy.

Ps. I'm about 4 months post-pregancy in this picture and that loose fitted top was a lifesaver haha. 

Steal her Look: Heidi Klum

March 25, 2015   

For some fashion inspiration, I turned to Heidi Klum in this casual look that is perfectly put together. It's simple, yet ideal for a laid back day with the kiddies. What's not to love? The best part is that most of these pieces can be found in the comfort of your own closet, so no need to splurge. If not, here's how you too can get this look for less.

Where to Buy:  
Roll-Tab-Sleeve Button-Down Shirt Macy's, $40 // 1969 Legging Jeans, Gap, $69 // Aviators, Steve Madden, $38 // Lauren Ralph Lauren Leather Belt $23 //  Runaround Tan High-Tops, Forever 21, $19

Tips for Planning Your First Date After Baby

March 24, 2015   

Between changing diapers and household chores, dates with your spouse might seem like something from the past now that you’re a new parent. But making time to rekindle the romance is just as important in my book. Five months after our son was born, the hubby and I finally went on a date.

Here are a few tips for planning a date with your honey and enjoying it too!

Find Someone You Trust. For our first date after our baby, it was very important for us to find someone we knew and trusted 100 percent, so we had my in-laws look after the baby. It was one less thing we had to worry about. You can also ask your mom, aunt, or best friend. We had my in-laws come a few hours before we planned to leave so we could teach them the lay of the land. Make sure you let your sitter know where everything is: diapers, baby wipes, clothes…etc. I also wrote down his schedule to make this easier. It had also been a while (30 years!) since my in-laws changed a diaper, so we did a practice a run through before we left on our date.

Go Somewhere Close Going on your first date sans baby can be a bit nerve-wracking, especially as a new parent. We decided to pick a restaurant that was 10 minutes away from our house. Sometimes it’s nice to just sit, relax and enjoy each other’s company. For us, being able to have dinner without feeling like we were in a speed-eating competition was great. Don’t feel you need to go all-out for your date. Grabbing dinner or going on a picnic are perfect options. Being a quick hop away from home, in case of an emergency, also eased my mind. The movies are another great option. Try to find a movie that’s not too epic-ly long and plan to grab a bite at the movie theater or mall.
Make sure you look into the showtimes before you get to the theater or even buy your tickets ahead of time.

Plan the Feedings.  Planning the feedings is probably one of the most important things when planning your date night. If you are breastfeeding, try to schedule your date right after your nursing session, or even better, once your baby goes down for a nap. If you are bottle-feeding, make sure you leave enough pumped breast milk or formula. Also, be sure to leave clear instructions on how to warm up the bottle and how your baby likes his milk. For example, our baby loved his milk extra warm; he literally will not drink it if it’s the slightest bit cold. We made sure our in-laws knew this before we left on our date.

Overall, be sure to enjoy this time together and DON’T feel guilty. Having dates with your spouse is equally as important for your baby and marriage.

My Bedtime Routine + P&G's Try it & Love it

March 23, 2015   

Alright guys, today I’m wrapping up my series of blog posts in partnership with P&G’s Try it & Love it Sleep Soundly program. I’ve shared several tips from How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep to my experience using the Febreze Sleep Serenity Bedroom Mist Collection and ZzzQuil for those sleepless nights.

Overall, I’m really happy to report I’m sleeping so much better now. It has also made me aware of how important sleep is and really establish a bedtime routine (something I didn’t have before). You can totally tell the difference when I’m running on eight hours of sleep versus five hours. I feel so much more productive and refreshed (and I’m not pressing snooze a million times in the morning). Once 10 PM rolls around I start yelling at my husband to get in bed haha.

In the end, enough sleep every day is just as important to your health as eating healthy and being physical active. According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleep affects how we look, feel and perform on a daily basis and can have a major impact on our overall quality of life. It can also help us thrive by contributing to a healthy immune system. The one-third of our lives that we spend sleeping far from being “unproductive,” plays a direct role in how full, energetic and successful the other two-thirds of our lives will be.

I strongly encourage you to start paying attention to how much sleep you’re getting and what you can do to get in bed earlier. Here’s a quick glance at my bedtime routine:


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