September 16, 2008


Scarves have been pretty popular all season long...even in the summer. You can wear it around your neck, on your head or even tie it around your purse. I don't own that many scarves since I live in Miami, but I'll be going to NY in November.... so I've been trying to find some cute scarves. I just saw the cutest one this weekend at The Gap for like $29 bucks. They're definitely the perfect accessory to spice up any look or add a splash of color.

You can pair them up with Jeans and a Tee como Jessica Alba (seen here wearing scarves by Tolani) or go for a plaid scarf with fringes (like the ones below) which is making segue this Fall. There's also so many ways to wear them.

Urban Outfitters
I saw this one online

The Gap- Plaid Fringe $29.50

Photos: The Gap, Urban Outfitters

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