Designer of the Week: Alessandra Coderoni

Designer:Alessandra Coderoni

Clothing Line: Ottavia et Emma (named after her two daughters Ottavia and Emma). Her clothing line displays a blend of sophistication and chic simplicity. It's said that celebs like Whitney Port and Charlize Theron have already put in orders for the cashmere sheer dress.

Background: Alessandra grew up in Milan and at an early age had a passion for fine fabrics and expert tailoring that were influenced by her Grandfather. In 1994 she moved to New York and in 2006 launched her clothing line.

Q: What was your first design?

A: Cigarette skirt and a big shoulder blazer in 1985

Q: What are some trends for the spring?

A: Silk, linen and feather-like cashmere tops and dresses.

Q: How was your experience launching your collection at NY Fashion Week?

A: It was exciting! We are thrilled to get the opportunity to do the runways in Fall 09- so look out for it.

Q: If you weren't designing, what would you see yourself doing?

A: Gardening. It’s another passion I have. It is much like designing, watching a flower grow from a seed is much like watching a dress grow from a thread.

Q: Who are some of your favorite designers?

A: Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein and Galliano.

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