Remixing your Wardrobe

The Early Show had a great segment yesterday where Lori Bergamotto from People StyleWatch talked about ways we can remix our wadrobe this Spring (without spending big bucks). In case you missed it, here are some of her best tips on ways we can mix it up:

The Key Piece: Bright Silky Dress -- performs double duty as a top and a dress Before: Worn as a top, this is a great layering piece. It's a super-casual look with a neutral cardigan and a pair of jeans. After: Worn as a dress, this is makes a chic statement. Use a belt it to transform it from the long top to a shapely dress. Pair it with chunky bangles and some heels and you have yourself a fabulous nighttime outfit that's very trendy for spring. It's appropriate for any age because the hemline hits just above the knee.

Key Pieces: Metallic Flats -- a neutral pair of flats pulls the whole look together. A sparkly clutch and a bejeweled cardigan up the style quotient of the whole ensemble. Before: A timeless, never-goes-out-of-style, any shape, casual combination of a white, ribbed tank top with cropped jeans and metallic ballet flats. Perfect for a date night to the movies with your husband After: You don't need to wear your special pieces for special occasions only. By pairing sparkly, fabulous pieces (like a colorful embellished cardigan and sparkly clutch), you glam up an otherwise basic outfit. Keeping the metallic flats on, the look exudes an easy elegance. Don't be shy about pulling out a clutch that you would wear to a black tie event. Now's the time to mix fancy with casual! The metallic element of the sparkly clutch/cardigan and ballet flats unify the whole outfit.

Key Piece: A top that defies seasons. Before: Last summer's warm-weather top paired with Bermuda shorts and wedges. After: Get more mileage out of a sleeveless top by pairing it with tights or leggings and topping it off with a cool-weather blazer, you can even pull it from one of you work suits -- and high boots. Be sure to wear leggings and a blazer/jacket that are darker or have a contrast with the warm weathered top; you don't want to wear a dark blazer with lighter leggings. Contrast a flirty silhouette on top with a tailored form on bottom. A great look for women of all ages. Really comfortable and flattering for every body type, as well.

Key Piece: A colorful dress in a bright solid Before: A chic, going-out frock with gold strappy, sandals. After: Repurpose the simple look by adding one or two other colors into the mix. A soft pastel cardigan works beautifully over a strong jewel toned dress. Highlight those hues with a touch of a third shade in your belt or a pair of multi-colored shoes.

By adding in other colors, you get a very different aesthetic and more usage out of some wardrobe staples. Use the shoes to tie in the colors. This shouldn't be a rainbow of colors. The maximum amount you should have is three!

Click here to check out the video.

Photo: Matt Baron

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