Is your Fashion Green?

I read a really interesting article the other day that talks about ECO Fashion and things we can do to help out the environment. In honor of Earth Month I thought I’d share with you guys. Here are some simple ways we can be eco-friendly in our closets:

Consider Organic Clothing: Buy Clothing made from organic cotton, hemp or bamboo. Purchasing these fabrics encourages farmers to consider converting to chemical-free processes. Last year, organic cotton farming increased 152% worldwide in response to the demand.

Why: Conventional methods for growing cotton consume about 10% of all the world’s pesticides. Overused pesticides can drain into the ground, contaminating ground water and killing wildlife.

Buy Recycled Clothes: Donate old clothing. Charity groups like Goodwill or Salvation Army give used clothing to the needy, resell it in secondhand stores, or ship it abroad for use in Third World nations. Clothing that is too damaged for reuse is passed along to recycling companies to make new products like yarn, carpet and polishing cloths.

Buy Chemical Free Clothing: Seek out companies that rely on botanical dyes, such as turmeric (various shades of gold) and indigo (light deep blues). Undyed fabric made from raw organic materials may have a natural color. Low-impact fiber-reactive dyes contain no heavy metals.

Source: Miami

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