Ultimate Accessory: Your Hair (Oribe Salon)

Following the advice from my interview with fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi in which I asked him what is the most important fashion investment one should make he said "your hair." Well to be more specific he said "if you spend a little bit more on a color or cut that you can't normally afford you'll see that it'll make everything you wear look great." And let me tell you he was so right!

I decided to check out a salon on Miami Beach called Oribe Salon. They are known for styling celebs such as Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Naomi Campbell and Nicole Kidman..just to name a few. Let's just say they are the creme de la creme. Anywho, my hair has always been black and I've been trying to go lighter (think Eva Mendes color) with no success. Every time I tried to go light my hair would go more towards reddish and orange tones...not cute! Needless to say they did a great job and the color is exactly what I've always been trying to accomplish, plus it made my outfit pop. The staff is super friendly and they make you feel like if you were a celeb yourself.
So if you're thinking about making an investment, you should definitely take Issac's advice and go with your hair. It will make Oh so much the difference. In case you live in Miami I highly recommend checking out Oribe Salon they are located at 1627 Euclid Avenue. From the sexy, Porsche-designed chairs to the uniquely shaped shampoo bowls to the four-foot high vases filled with colored water, every single detail has been completely thought out at this salon. You can take your pick from any of their mega-talented staff. I personally got my hair colored with Nicole Hanlon and the cut was done with Natasha Khanzada..they are amazing, but so is everyone else at the salon. Click here to check out their website and get their price list.



  1. Your hair looks amazing! What a wonderful color.

  2. I am definitely going to their salon. I love it.


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