Maternity Do's and Don'ts

Just because you've got a bun in the oven doesn't mean you have to change your style. You can still look fabulous and fashion forward. Here are some maternity style do's and don'ts:


Start with lingerie. "Comfort begins under your clothes," says maternity fashion pioneer Rebecca Matthias. Pick up quality undergarments that support your changing shape.

Show some skin. Choose clothes that highlight your best features. Reveal toned arms in a sleeveless top or play up shapely legs with kitten heels.

"For so many women, cleavage is something new that you only have when you're pregnant, so celebrate that," says designer Liz Lange. "Not every day at the office, but if you've got an evening out, wear a strapless top or a halter."

Go monochromatic. "When in doubt, dip yourself in one color," Lange says. "It's always slimming and always appropriate."

Play with accessories. Make a limited maternity wardrobe work overtime with accessories to change your look or dress up basic items. "The great thing about accessories is they have no size," Lange notes.

Change your style. Find maternity clothes that suit your fashion sense. "Everything else in your whole life is changing," says Matthias, who oversees brands such as A Pea in the Pod. "Don't feel you have to change your style, too."

Camouflage your pregnancy in oversized clothes. "Wearing something ill-fitting and oversized because you think it's going to hide your pregnancy is a mistake," Lange says. "You end up looking like an amorphous blob." Instead, choose fitted, stretchy pieces that accommodate your changing shape.

Cover up. "Women try to look older and try to cover themselves up completely," says Christian Siriano of "Project Runway." "You don't have to lose your sex appeal."

Source: Associated Press

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