Do You Have A Hard Time Shoe Shopping Because One Foot Is Bigger Than The Other?

They say that every body part we have that comes in pairs...(feet, arms, breast) one will be slightly bigger than the other. But my right foot is almost half a size bigger than the other, which makes shoe shopping not so great. I recently bought a pair of shoes that were a size 8. It fit my left foot perfectly, but it kept on slightly slipping off from my right foot.

I tried looking for a 7 1/2 but that was the last size and shoe left. I figured that for $12, (on sale) these shoes were a steal and I could always buy some heel liners to make it fit. This past weekend I bought some Dr. Scholl's for Her Heel Liners, thinking my problem would be solved. When I put them on today it still slipped off. In one instance I was in the middle of crossing the street, when my shoe almost came off --yikes! The liners do work at preventing your shoes from rubbing with your heel, but not so much with the slipping. What is a girl to do.... should I retire my new pair of shoes? Should I continue to search for the perfect liner that will help keep my shoe in place? Has anyone gone through this before? Share your story.


  1. oh that's my problem too. the size 8 fits my left foot nice and snug but it's always much larger on my right foot. i still havent found a solution for it :( I'm glad to know someone else goes through the same i do though lol.

  2. I have a whole size difference with my feet! my left is a size 4 (UK) and the right is a 5! I too use the scholl heel things and the do help a bit but I find if you feet get a little sweaty or wet they just slip right off! I came across these little straps that go under the shoe and across your instep but I've not bought any yet - dancers use them but I don't know how visable they will be

  3. I have that problem, but I have been known to be a bit sneaky when it comes to buying the shoes. If it's a lower-end boutique and the shoes aren't tied together (sometimes at Target or TJ Maxx) I'll take one in one size and another in a half size smaller and put it in one box. I'm sure some places check the sizes, though.

    Also, I've stuffed a small wad of thick paper towel into the toe to make up for the small difference, and it really is effective.


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