Do's and Don'ts: Shorts

I just read an interesting article on the Times online website about the do's and don'ts when wearing shorts. Here are some tips I thought you might enjoy: 

DO go up a size Too tight and too high-cut equals too seedy.

DO add a blazer or long cardigan Let it graze the hem of the shorts to soften their impact and give them a cute, sophisticated edge (think Alexa Chung).

DO remember you cannot go wrong with denim And they don’t have to be indigo. White, light blue and beige are hot for summer.

DO get the fail-safe summer look A big white T-shirt, bare legs and flat gladiator-style sandals (ankle height, though, not to the knee) or chunky, strappy sandals with a heel could well be your staple summer outfit. Seriously.

DON’T tip over into slutty territory Shorts should be sexy, not vulgar. Cool everything else down to compensate. Wear fitted hot pants with a big T-shirt or loose checked shirt, Converse trainers and no make-up.

DON’T wear the following styles... or at least approach with caution

- Stripes and sailor detail. Unless you have Kelly Brook-style 1950s curves, they will make you look like Shirley Temple.

- Puffed shorts. Puffies either work or they don’t — but slim hips are a must.

- Floaty, flutey shorts. The less structured the cut, the better your legs need to be.

- Amy Winehouse-style, straight-leg denim shorts, rolled up a couple of inches above the knee. A killer on all but the longest and fittest legs. Ditto her bum-grazing cut-offs.

You can read the full article by clicking here


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