Swimsuit Shopping Guide: Small Hips

Summer officially starts June 21st and along with summer comes bathing suit season. And since we know that bathing suit shopping can be challenging, each week we'll be giving you tips on how to find the perfect suit to flatter your body type. So if you have small hips...here are some tips that will help accentuate that area.

* Look for bottoms that tie on the side or have ruffles. This will help by adding volume to the sides. You can also try bottoms that have rings or that are belted.

* Create the illusion of wider hips by going for a bottom with horizontal lines, since the lines naturally direct the eye from side to side.

* Avoid bottoms that have solid colors, especially black which will only minimize the appearance of hips.

Here are some styles you might want to consider:

Here is a swimsuit from Seafolly, an Australian swimwear line. They have amazing bathing suits from bikinis to one-pieces that are sure to be flattering. For those with small hips, check out this horizontal bottom piece. They also have it in blue and you can mix and match the cut, from a hipster cut, belted or the hipster tie side.

Where to Buy: Seafolly "StartDust"

Top: $59
Bottom: $59
(As Shown in pic above)

This Victoria Secret bathing suit bottom sits straight across the hips and also ties on the sides, perfect for adding the illusion of hips.

Where to Buy:
Top: $22
Bottom: $17


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