The Boyfriend Shirt

It's time to raid your boyfriend's closet for this trend ladies. The boyfriend shirt looks super cute and effortlessly chic. You can pair it up with a pair of shorts like celebs Ashley Olsen or Jessica Szohr or pair it up with some skinny jeans. Just be sure you add a little feminine touch. Here are some picks:

Striped Ex-Boyfriend Shirt, Wet Seal, $18.50
Textured Boyfriend Shirt, Gap, $49.50
Agua Boyfriend Shirt, Bloomingdales, $68
Silk Button-Down Shirt, Victoria's Secret, $24.99

1 comment

  1. Is it too risque to wear a long boyfriend shirt with a belt and flats? The length on the sides is to my fingertips, and I'm short...Can I get away with it?


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