July 31, 2009

The Boyfriend Shirt

It's time to raid your boyfriend's closet for this trend ladies. The boyfriend shirt looks super cute and effortlessly chic. You can pair it up with a pair of shorts like celebs Ashley Olsen or Jessica Szohr or pair it up with some skinny jeans. Just be sure you add a little feminine touch. Here are some picks:

Striped Ex-Boyfriend Shirt, Wet Seal, $18.50
Textured Boyfriend Shirt, Gap, $49.50
Agua Boyfriend Shirt, Bloomingdales, $68
Silk Button-Down Shirt, Victoria's Secret, $24.99

1 comment

  1. Is it too risque to wear a long boyfriend shirt with a belt and flats? The length on the sides is to my fingertips, and I'm short...Can I get away with it?


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