Are you Less Likely to Buy Something if Sales Assistant is Attractive?

Do you get put off when shopping if the sales assistant is attractive? Researchers found that women were less likely to buy an item if they thought the shop assistant was better-looking than them. Biana Price, of the University of South Australia said "Women are biologically competitive if they consider that a female is a direct social threat. Retailers often think that beautiful is better. In the same way they use a celebrity to endorse a product, they hire a beautiful girl thinking it reflects the brand and other women will want to be like her. It doesn't always work like that." Using photographs of hypothetical shop workers - both attractive and unattractive - she asked 341 women whether they would consider buying cosmetics or a mobile phone from them.
If they considered the assistant to be better looking than them, they were less likely to buy something, the results showed. Let's be honest for a sec. ladies, have you ever put off buying something because the sales associate was attractive or does this not matter whatsoever? Let us know what you think.


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