Fall Hair Trends Straight Off the Runway

Fall is the season when many begin to tone down their hair color and opt for darker locks...and last week my hair got an early start. I visited Cutler Salon in Miami and said good-bye to my summer golden brown hair and went with a chocolaty brown color. It was about time too, because between the sun and the beach it was more like orange than golden brown--not cute. Anywho, I loved the color and wanted to share some tips I got while at the salon of some hairstyles straight off some of Fall Fashion Week's 2009 catwalk. Some fall hair trends include 40's inspired looks, messy buns and modern, textured hair. Here's how to get them:

This look is inspired from Tadashi's elegant flowing gowns (on left)

How To:
1. Spray Cutler Protectant Treatment Spray onto damp hair, then layer Cutler Straightening Cream from mid-length to ends.
2. Rough-dry hair with hair dryer. Once dry, flat iron with a one-inch flat iron from roots to mid-length. Curl ends of hair with a large curling iron to add texture.
3. Pull hair tight so t sits close to the head and twist the length into a low sitting knot.
4. Finally secure with French pins and smooth Cutler Fly-Away stick for added shine and to tame any fly-aways.
5. Finish with Redken Workforce 09 hairspray to hold, add in a headband and you're runway ready!

This look is from James Voiello's fashion show that had a 40's vibe:

How To:
1. First spray Cutler VolumizingSpray onto damp hair. Then use a large round brush, blow out hair to create volume.
2. Next, set hair with a 1 1/2 inch curling iron, creating a spiral effect.
3. Then, over-direct the front of hair to create a flat finish
4. Brush out hair and use a bobby pin at the temple to give it a retro twist
5. Finish with Redken Workforce 09 hairspray for a flexible hold.


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