Stylist Wears Same LBD for A Month

Day after day, morning after morning, Dallas Stylist, Valerie Elizabeth is waking up to her Little Black Dress. You see, for one month she'll be putting on the same dress all in the name of fashion. She wants to show people how easy it is to look glamorous on a tight budget. That's why she'll be recreating new looks each day with the same little black dress by adding accessories such as belts, shoes, scarves, jewelry and even jeans. Most of it is from things she already owns. For those of you thinking "Ew, does she wash the dress?" She actually has two identical Elli Grace dresses so she has enough time to wash them. The little black dress has made it's way to a performance at the House of Blues, media interviews, to even a day at an arcade with her son. She's documenting her "Little Black Dress Experiment" on her website And each day you'll see her new look with the same little black dress, plus she'll tell you where she got it and how much it cost.

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  1. This is being done (and has been done for more than 100 days now) at for a full year and in the name of charity. Plus, the outfits are much more interesting.


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