Trip Down Fashion Memory Lane...What was I Thinking?

Don’t you just love it when you look at old pictures and think “Seriously…what was I thinking with that outfit?” We all have that one picture (or maybe a couple) that we keep hidden away in a dark place and hope they never see the day of light….ahem like my prom pictures (2002). I almost died when my “friend” decided to tag me on facebook with my old prom pictures…ahhhhhh. Well yesterday, some friends and I from work starting talking about all the stuff we use to wear back in the day. It brought back some fun memories, plus some good laughs. Like my navy blue Nautica jacket. That was supposedly the “in” thing back in the 90’s . I even had a friend that had one in three colors…yellow, blue and green. We also admitted to wearing jean overalls and cartoon character t-shirts like Tweety Bird. We seriously thought that we looked so cool…but seriously what were we thinking. Then with the release of the Clueless movie I instantly channeled my inner “Cher” (played by Alicia Silverstone) and wore plaid skirts, knee highs and mary janes. I even remember wearing cropped tops that said “Whatever” on them…lol. I must admit it is fun to reminisce about the things we one day wore. So how about we take a trip down fashion memory lane..shall we? Let us know what you use to wear that now makes you think….”What was I thinking.” I might even make a trip to my mom’s house this weekend and dig up some old pictures of me and share them with you.

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  1. OMG I remember wearing the Nautica jackets
    too. I think I still have mine ( hidden away of couse)


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