Argyle Sweaters: Under $30

Janet Jackson wore this Argyle cardigan over a white-button down shirt and pinstripe trousers to the Giorgio Armani fashion show in Milan. The argyle is always such a classic choice, I personally love the way it looks. In case you're searching for an argyle sweater yourself, here are a couple of options under $30.

Where to Buy:

1. Gray Argyle Cardigan, American Eagle, $24.95
2. Argyle Cardigan, Forever 21, $22.80
3. Brown Cardigan, New York & Co. $29.95
4. Patterned V-Neck (Pink), Old Navy, $25


  1. Argyle sweaters are great for the fall. I also like the argyle tights and leggings I've been seeing a lot of lately.

  2. I love number 2 but don't know where to find one in UK stores. Where can I find one just like that in the UK?


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