Flashback Fridays: Eva Longoria Parker

We all have those pictures that make us say "What was I thinking." Most recently I shared with you guys some of those things I use to wear that I can never imagine myself wearing now. But all in all, it's always fun to look back at those pictures. That's why each Friday we'll be bringing you "Flashback Fridays." You see, you're not the only one that had those "what was I thinking moments." To start off, here is a picture of Eva Longoria Parker. Before her days as a Desperate Housewife and before she was Mrs. Eva Longoria Parker, Eva opted for this Gold Patchwork Pantsuit on the red carpet back in 2001. Today, her red carpet choices are much MUCH different and almost always land her on the Best Dressed List. Tell us what you think....would you like to see more of Flashback Fridays?



  1. yeah keep doing this. i like seeing that even celebrities can mess up big time. :D

  2. I'm glad you like it =) We'll keep em' coming.

  3. yes and please more of "steal her look" my fave! ;)


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