Where'd She Get It: Cameron Diaz Motorcyle Boots & Bag

Cameron Diaz wore this gorgeous yellow dress paired with motorcycle boots while filming her latest film "Wichita" with Tom Cruise. She's also wearing a Coach Bag. Here's where you can snatch her boots and her bag:

Where to Buy:

Brendal Boots, Aldo, $140
Coach Ali Large Hobo, Coach, $378


  1. What Handbag is she wearing? Does anyone know?

  2. Hi Emily....she's wearing the Ali Large Hobo bag from Coach. (we updated the post on where you can buy it)

  3. is motorcycle boot fashinable enough to wear??

  4. actually i just bought the same one and one of my cousin din like it, so was a little apprehensive abt it// just let me know your opinion?/

  5. Hi Gemini,

    In my opinion motorcyle boots are not only stylish but it's a perfect cross between edgy and chic. I especially love the way it looks paired with a dress or skirt. In the end, it should only matter how you feel in them. So if you like them...I say Go For It!



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