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Check out this interview I did for the Style Network's website. It's for their "Ask Style" column and it's about How to Wear Shorts in the Winter. I was soo excited they asked me to share some of my advice with them, especially since I'm such a big fan of the Style Network. Hope you like it.

"Is it OK to wear shorts when the temperature drops? What do you wear with them?

—Risa, via the Ask Style inbox

Style Spy Says: Berry

Fashion folklore has it that shorts must be banished to the back of your closet come wintertime. But it's time to dispel that myth, 'cause the quirky trend can look seriously stylish if done with a little skill. Read on for Viva Fashion editor Carmen Ordoñez's three-prong recipe for winter shorts success.

"Choose a fabric that's appropriate. I recommend staying away from very thin materials such as linen, and instead stick to warm fabrics such as tweed orwool, which is more seasonal," advises Ordoñez.

The next integral ingredient is tights.

Try sporting bare legs in the winter and you'll earn some interesting looks, not to mention subject yourself to pneumonia. Let's bypass all that and instead pair, "opaque tights with darker colored shorts. Not only will they keep your legs nice and warm, but it will also help to elongate your legs," says Ordoñez.

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  1. Wow I would have never thought to wear shorts like that for winter. That's such a great idea and I can't wait to put together an outfit with shorts.


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