10 Tips for Running of the Brides

Each year Filene's Basements holds their annual Running of the Brides event. That's when they sell designer wedding gowns starting at just $249 (some of these gowns normally cost $9,000 and up). It sometimes gets crazy, so here are some tips to help all of you brides-to-be find the perfect dress at the perfect price.

1. Have a good breakfast before you leave the house and make sure to arrive early. Lines usually start forming hours before the store opens
2. Dress in a sports bra and bike shorts, leotard or bathing suit
3. Leave your handbag behind; you want as little as possible to keep track of
4. Don’t wear make-up—it might rub off on the dresses
5. Don't wear jewelry, it might get lost or caught on the dress
6. Be open-minded --try on whatever comes your way; if you focus to much on a specific style or label, you might just miss the dress of your dreams
7. Remember, gowns usually run small; don’t even look at size tags. Just eyeball the dress and if it’s close to your size, try it on. There will be experts on alterations and cleaning there to advise you . Sometimes even a dress that's not your size or style choice can be used as bargaining chips to find the right one
8. Bring some helpers...mom, friends...etc. They can help you carry the dresses, plus it's always great to have people there with you to share that moment
9. You'll know when it's "The One," ....I know I did when I finally found my wedding dress. That said, don't buy it if you're not sure (especially since you can't return wedding dresses purchased at the sale). Be patient, there will always be more gowns to try on.
10. Take pictures and have fun! These memories will last a lifetime.

Click here to find where a Running of the Brides event will be taking place.

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