Luxe Crewneck Sweater: Under $20

I live in Miami, so I really don't have much of a collection of winter clothes, which right about now I'm wishing that I did. This week has been the coldest its been in Miami in 9 years!(mind you...for us Miami folks cold is about 40 degrees). Anywho, I've been trying to scope out some good deals on sweaters so I can layer up and I really loved this cute crewneck sweater my co-worker was wearing the other day. She got it at the Gap store for about $12 bucks. (online it says they are $19.99, but when you go in-store you get an additional 40% off). They have them in all types of colors like blue, pink, red, purple, and black. They also have other items on sale at up to 40% off so be sure to check it out. Stay Warm =)

Where to Buy:

Luxe Crewneck Sweater, Gap

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