Wearing Black Can Severely Age Your Face ?????

Say it ain't so....according to a story that ran on the Daily Mail wearing black, although it does make you look slimmer, can dramatically age your skin tone and can bring out dark circles under the eyes and lines. The effects can be as serious as making women feel drained, self-conscious and introverted and can make wrinkles and sunken areas appear deeper.

This is supposedly because "wearing black detracts from the healthy-looking golden hue by 'flattening' it and bringing out tired-looking darker patches on the face."

To test it out, you 'hold the colour up against your face, stand in front of the mirror and look for dark lines under the chin, shadows around the eyes or lines on the face that are highlighted.' Ironically enough, when I read this I was wearing head-to-toe black...black skinny jeans, black ankle boots and a black turtle-neck. So of course, I immediately ran into the bathroom to see if this was true. Could it be that this entire time I was walking the streets in my all black attire looking like the Grim Reaper??? But fortunately enough there were no bags or lines in sight...phewww.

What do you think of this story....do you think it's just silly or have you noticed these "side effects" from wearing black? Will you be straying away from black...not me.

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