5 Shoes Under $40 at Payless

We recently received a couple of shoes from Payless to check out and we gotta say, we were quite impressed with their shoe collections. If you're looking to add some shoes to your own collection, but are on a tight budget, here are some of our top picks and best of all they're all under $40

American Eagle Karrie Platform Bow Wedge (24.99): This retro-inspired wedge would make a perfect addition for Spring. I especially love the cork wedge. Pair it with white pants or jeans and a blue top and you've got a perfect Spring look.

Diana Jewel Flats (22.99): These embellished flats are perfect for making any casual outfit pop, plus you can even add these to your work wardrobe.

If Spring is still not on your mind and you're looking for a pair of boots, then check out these Marley Black Flat Boots ($39.99) or these Sydney Boots ($29.99) in Grey. These faux suede boots are extra comfy. Also the black Marley Boots are ideal for those with wider calves, since it's extra "roomy." Pair them up with black leggings and a belted tunic.

According to Nina Garcia...every girl should have a pair of converse in her wardrobe. It's actually #22 in her book "The One Hundred." But if you can't splurge on the real deal, then these Airwalk Kicks ($25.99) will definitely do the trick.


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  1. I love love love the shoes. They have some nice stuff.


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