Spring Trend 2010: Denim Shirts

From denim shirts to even wearing denim-on-denim, the all-American classic fabric flocked the Spring runways of designers such as D&G, Stella McCartney and Ralph Lauren. Here are a couple of different denim shirt options at different price points to get you ready for Spring.



  1. I thought this post was very interesting. I've never really been a true fan of denim myself, especially wearing denim on denim, but I think I might start trying it. I really liked how the denim was accessorized, taking some of the focus off the denim, so it doesn't become too much to handle for people like me. I really liked the Caitlyn Solid Shirt on page one of slide show. I would definitely pair that up with the pair of jeans from the middle runway picture. Add in a pair of cute heals and a belt and that would be my ideal denim outfit.


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