My First Camping Trip..What to Wear?

So I’m leaving today on my first camping trip. I’m really excited! My hubby + my two doggies (our Rottie Bear, and Beagle Scrappy) will be heading off to Jekyll Island in Georgia (have any of you ever been?) It’s about an 8 hour car drive from Miami, Florida. I kinda consider myself to be an outdoorsy person- my husband and I have done everything from mountain biking, kayaking, hiking, white water rafting, swimming with sharks) but I must admit I’m curious/nervous to see how I’ll actually hold up four days in the great outdoors. We’re doing what they call “primitive camping”… so our tent will be a bit further into the wilderness and we’ll have no electricity—eek! I’m still trying to decide what clothes to take on my camping trip. I mean, I still want to look trendy, especially since my hubby and I are celebrating our 3 year anniversary and I don’t want to be looking like a CAVE WOMEN…. LOL. For those of you that are planning a camping trip anytime soon here are a couple of tips that I found pretty helpful when packing. Plus, here are a couple of pieces for the fashion conscious camper:

* Clothing obviously depends on season and location. Generally, over-prepare the wardrobe. Bring clothes for temperatures about fifteen degrees cooler and hotter than expected. Hot summer days quickly become chilly summer nights, those without a light jacket hunch over the campfire and let one side roast while the other freezes. Campground clothing should be loose and roomy. Who wants to sit around a campfire, toast marshmallows and be pinched by skin-tight jeans?

* T-shirts or pullover shirts usually suffice for summer camping. Fabric choice depends on the type of camping. For civilized campgrounds, regular cotton clothing works. However, for rustic or primitive camping, cotton is the worst clothing choice. Cotton is an excellent conductor of heat and absorbs enormous quantities of water. A wet T-shirt after being caught in a rainstorm while on a hike quickly draws body heat away. Sometimes this can lead to hypothermia.

* Bring some type of hat, a baseball cap or sun had works well. During the day, campers are in the sun and need the protection from sunstroke. For sleepwear, the most comfortable choice is a pair of long underwear. Also, don’t forget the swimwear.

*Shorts are appropriate for some camping, but not all. If camping in a developed area, wear loose shorts with plenty of pockets for insect repellent, a pocket knife and tissue. For those planning to leave civilization and wander the wilderness, wear long pants like jeans. The tough denim protects against grasping thorn bushes and critters. However, the same cotton warning applies to pants as shirts. For remote camping situations, avoid cotton.

*Camping has its own unique footwear requirements. When hiking, obviously, choose a comfortable pair of waterproof hiking boots with a deep tread. The lacing should bind the feet and ankles to protect against turning. A pair of fluffy wool socks keeps feet dry and pampered. Break in a new pair of hiking boots before the camping trip. Blisters are much easier to handle at home. For the campsite, a pair of gym shoes or other comfortable footwear works well. Keep a pair of sandals near the tent door for midnight bathroom breaks.

*Bring a few extra days worth of clothes, especially socks, in case of an unexpected rainstorm or clothes get dirty.

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