VFB Interviews Kim Kardashian on Celebration of First Birthday of Shoe Dazzle

Kim Kardashian celebrated the one year anniversary of the launch of Shoe Dazzle. Fans got a chance to meet Kim and she also signed autographs. We got a chance to chat with her (BTW she's absolutely gorgeous) about the shoe society's first birthday....plus she also talks about where she loves to shop and shares some of her hair secrets. Also, be sure to check out ShoeDazzle.com for all their amazing shoes.

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  1. She is SOOOOoooOOo Fabulous. Love the video and Shoe Dazzle too!!

  2. Awww...wished I could have been there. I actually own a pair of Shoe Dazzle shoes.

  3. sounds cool!!! You are lucky!!!!


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