Guest Blogger: High Heels Made from Elephant Dung!

Check out this post from guest blogger Style Clone....

I guess one phrase that springs to mind is “waste not want not”, however I’m still not sure…

INSA have created these interesting looking shoes out of elephant dung, collected from local zoo’s and put in the front part of the shoe where the platform would be. The dung has given the shoes a 10 inch lift, however we’re still not sure if they’ll be any good to physically walk on… But then we always are looking for new ways to recycle! What else do we think could be put into shoes to give you a better lift?

The shoes were showcased on March 14th at the Tate Britain.



  1. Um.... The shoes are incredibly beautiful, and I can see how, if one was really, really good at walking in heals and wanted to be much taller they would be great. I'm not that accomplished in heels and don't need the extra height. I Think I'll forego the ones with the elephant dung, but they are soooo beautiful that I'll have to keep an eye on their other footwear.

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