Aztec Woven Top: Under $20

I recently bought this Aztec Woven top from Forever 21 for just $17.80. I wore it this past weekend for a Mother's Day dinner with the family. I dressed it up a bit, pairing it with an orange skirt and brown wedges, but it can definitely be dressed down with a pair of jeans and flats....perfect for the summer.

Where to Buy:
Aztec Woven Top, Forever 21, $17.80

Thought I'd share this pic. with you guys so you can kinda see the combination with the orange skirt. (although you can't really see the skirt completely....but it's the only pic. I had) That's me with my little cousin by the way :) Oh, and the skirt is from Forever 21 too... It was like $17 bucks too and comes with a brown belt.



  1. I have that top too! Cute with the organge skirt! :)

  2. super cute! where's your skirt from?

  3. Thanks Jessica...the skirt is from Forever 21 too... I got it the same day as the top. It was like $17 ( I didn't see the skirt online, but maybe it was new, so it just hasn't posted on their site yet) It comes with a brown belt. :)


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