The Back-Up Plan: Rolleez

Ok ladies, you can probably recall a time or two (or more) when you decided to wear your amazing stilettos for a night out in the town, only to be in extreme pain by the end of the night. In extreme cases you end-up, shoes in hand, walking barefoot or better yet, end up getting a piggy-back ride from your boyfriend because you can’t take the pain in your feet. I recently came across these shoes, that will have your feet thanking you. They are called Rolleez and you can simply roll them up to fit in your clutch. So if ever faced with your uncomfortable shoes, you pop these babies out. They come in several colors like black, gold, pink and white. What do you think? Here’s where you can snatch them up:

Where to Buy:
Rolleez Rollable Flats, $19

PS. Until May 23rd you can get them for just $7 by clicking here.

1 comment

  1. Brilliant!! I always find myself walking in from the car barefoot after a night in my highest heels. I am kind of afraid that if I had these in my bag I would just put them on when ever I started to get a little ache in my toe though.


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