Guest Blogger: The Style Hunter: Summer Trends on a Budget

Check out some tips from our guest blogger The Style Hunter on how to get summer trends on a budget. Be sure to check out her site for more fab tips and fashion finds...

I am an avid Vogue reader (what a shocker right?) and after seeing Blake Lively in June's magazine she has become my new girl crush. I confess I have never seen Gossip Girl but if she looks as hot in it as she does in the mag, I totally understand why the show is so popular.

In this month's spread, she sports the latest trends for summer: all about the white, the tie dye look and the sweet pastels among others. My favorite outfits have to be the white leather Versace dress she is photographed in at the beginning of the spread and the tie dye Max Azria bandage slit dress... Both super cute but totally out of my budget ($12,125 for the Versace and $1,850 for the Max Azria... honey if I had that kind of money I would rather buy a Rolex that will always fit and make me feel fab... but that's just me)

But don't worry; you don't need a superstar budget to rock the latest trends (although it wouldn't hurt to have it of course). I have found some pieces and tips that will help you look as fab as they do for a fraction of the price:Let’s start with the Tie Dye: this is a trend that is super in-style right now but will probably fade out in a couple of months, so it is not really worth spending big bucks on it. I mixed two big trends (the mini and the tie dye) with this very cute Rachel Rachel Roy mini for $59.99 at Macy's. Accessories are big this season too, so another great option could be to bring some color to the classic white t-shirt and jeans with a trendy summer scarf like this one, also from Rachel Rachel Roy for $27.99

White white white: I love wearing makes me feel tall, lean and sophisticated (of course it has to be the right item... otherwise I look chubby and short... but always sophisticated haha). The good thing about the white "fever" is that every year is comes back so it is an easy trend to adopt. Very popular today are the white chunky watches like Chanel's Ceramic J12 Marine watch, but at $4,700 I won't be getting it any time soon. Instead I found this Michael Kors watch for $195 that perfectly complements my white linen pants and I won't give me a heart attack if I drop it because it is made of acrylic and not ceramic (I’s not Chanel... but remember these are trends that will die at the end of summer… so chill)

Finally the military look: I've had my military jacket for about 5 years now and I found it buried under a pile of "on sale" items at Forever cost me like $12 and I absolutely love it! But I have to admit...after 5 years of wear and tear it is time to replace it. So a couple of week s back I went to my fave Neiman Marcus and found (also buried under a pile of "on sale" items) the sexiest military shorts for $40! (I know! what an awesome deal! and they are DVF!!!)I know that was a lucky fluke, but you can find great stuff at Forever 21 for under $30...check out this cute shorts.
There are a bunch of other trends this summer but remember that not all of them are worth trying and the majority (if not all of them) will be history in a couple of months, so don't break the piggy bank either.

I have to go now and get a tan if I want to rock my DVF shorts this Memorial Day weekend so until next time... stay gorgeous!


The Style Hunter
click here to check out her site.

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