Summer Shoes: Jellies Under $25

I still remember my first pair of jelly shoes growing up. It was circa 1991 and there was a children's show I loved called Xuxa (that was the name of the host). They came up with a pair of jelly sandals named after her that all the kids had and we called them our Xuxa (pronounced Shoe-Shaw) Shoes. I loved my jellies, until one day while visiting my family in South America my family and I took a trip to the river. Everyone had their reef shoes on, so of course I wore my Xuxa shoes. Somehow my jellies slipped off and ended up flowing down the river...never to be seen again--lol. Well now I can relive my jelly shoe wearing days with these pair of Chinese Laundry Avalon flats. They're perfect for the summer. I just won't be wearing any near a river.

Where to Buy:
Chinese Laundy Avalon Flats, DSW, $24.95
Here are some more options:


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