Must-Have Closet Staples Under $50: Part 1

One of our reader writes: "Would it be possible for you to do a long extensive list of closet staples? I have tried looking at others but some don't have pictures and don't put pricing like you do of where we can get it for less. The average persons budget is not looking to spend over $50 on a single clothing item, but you make everything so affordable."

VFB: Ahh closet staples....those timeless pieces you know you can always count on and will never go out of style. Here are some we put together for you all under $50! As you can imagine there is a long list of closet staples, so we'll be posting a series of blog posts where we feature closet staples under $50. Hope you like our first 5 picks.

1. White Collar Shirt- The white collar shirt is our first pick for a must-have wardrobe piece. You can dress it up for work or dress it down with a pair of jeans. The choices and combinations are limitless. Don't be afraid to try different styles...maybe a tunic or ruffled. You can also spice it up with some accessories like a necklace or tie aso great for layering.

2. The Little Black Dress or LBD- This piece will never go out of style. It can also take you from a casual lunch to a black tie affair. The great thing about black is that it is also very slimming. Gotta have the LBD.

3. Black Pants- You can never go wrong with a pair of black pants. You can go with fuller line or a skinny cut for a modern look.

4. Ballet Flats- You feet will love you for these. They are comfy and still chic. Black and neutral colors are great, but a yellow or red ballet flat will definitely make your outfit pop.

5. Wrap Dress: This has been as classic since Diane Von Furstenberg came out with it in the 70's. This is personally one of my favorites too because it is so versatile and flattering.

By the way, here is a book that can also help you's one of my favorites and I've actually used it to help rebuild my wardrobe it's from Nina Garcia and it's called "The One Hundred" and it lists the top 100 wardrobe must-haves.


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