What to Wear for a Job Interview?

So at my job we recently started looking for an intern and have already interviewed 5 people. And after a couple of interviews, one comment that kept coming back was "Oh, she wasn't wearing a suit." I'm sure at one point or another we've all been faced with the question "What should I wear to an interview?" I mean it's already nerve-racking as it is...what will I say, what if I get lost getting there and now we have to ask ourselves what will I wear (very stressful I know). But let's just say that first impressions go along way, and in a time when there is stiff competition in the job market , you want to make sure you are standing out from the crowd and you are putting some thought into your outfit. And aside from what you will say during the interview, it's also very important to look the part. That's why I suggest that wearing a suit is the way to go. Here are some other quick tips on what to wear and not wear during an interview:
  • You don't necessarily have to wear pants, you can also opt for a skirt suit, like a pencil skirt paired with a jacket. If wearing a skirt, make sure it's not too short...slightly above the knee works.
  • Stay away from bold prints and colors that can often be distracting during the interview
  • Keep jewelry to a minimum. I personally like to stay away from dangling earrings and go for a stud or pearl earrings instead.
  • Stay away from showing cleavage or see-through shirts (big no no)
  • Colors that work for a suit: black, navy, grey and brown

Here is a suit from the new Norma Kamali line at Walmart that will run you less than $20/per piece.

Here are some other options where you can find great and somewhat affordable suit (just remember this is a good investment, so if ever there was a time to splurge on an outfit this would be one of them).
  • Express
  • Banana Republic
  • The Gap
  • Old Navy
  • LOFT
  • New York & Co.

Oh.. not really a fashion tip, but make sure you have a resume already printed out before the interview. And relax, remember you are confident, smart and you will nail the interview :)


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  1. the model in those photos inspired me to add another tip - make sure your hair is well coiffed! if you wear it down, make sure it's brushed. if you have a tendency to play with your hair (while fidgeting), pull it back so you're not tempted. makeup if you wear it should be fairly neutral and not over done. thanks VFB!


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