Dylan George Cargo Pants: Under $100

These Dylan George "Anja" Straight Cargo Pants, recently spotted on Nicky Hilton, retail for about $170. During my press trip to TJ Maxx and Marshalls in Boston last week, I spotted the SAME cargo pants for just $79 at TJ Maxx. Although not all stores carry the same thing, you just might get lucky and find them at a store near you. (You can click here to find a store close to you).



  1. The Dylan Cargo Pants has been quite popular of late. You see it pays to look around because there is great price difference between $170 and $79. Sometimes too the city location is factor in these prices.Please btw - do you realize that the pants look more military-like? The green color, the side pockets and the tight fit. It looks great for an urban girl or woman who wants to look bold. What do you think? I like it for its texture. Easy on the body.

  2. I found something similar this weekend for way less ta Zara. They were only $15.99 on sale regular retail $80! Now that is what you call a bargain ah?


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