VFB Closet....

I had such a rough night yesterday….we are doing some construction in our house and since there was so much dust they told us we couldn’t turn on our A/C (try falling asleep in 90 degree weather). Surely enough I woke up with huge bags underneath my eyes I could probably stick all my groceries in them. My solution, was channeling my inner nerdy side with these cute geeky glasses (I don’t have to wear glasses by the way and these are non-prescription). I found these a couple of weeks ago in my drawer and not even sure where they came from. Anywho, they were perfect for wearing in the office and hiding my raccoon eyes. I finished my look with this black dress from Wish and some ballet flats (the environment at my job is very casual/laid back so luckily they are not strict on dress codes). Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up on some Z’s tonight.

Dress: c/o Wish
Shoes: Aldo
Glasses: ?

By the way…when they were tearing down one of the walls in my house they found an old wine bottle inside the wall. It’s from the 1930’s and I found out on google the winery was one of the first wineries in the U.S. Hmmmmm… I wonder if it’s worth any money lol.

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  1. Love your dress! It's so stylish but still comfy! An the shoulder embellishments are great!


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