Making Your Wardrobe Last: Tips for Taking Care of Your Clothes

Taking good care of your clothes is essential to making sure they last a long time. The longer they last= the less money you'll have to spend on replacing them right? Okay, I admit it, there was once a time when I wouldn't take good care of my clothes, but luckily for me, my neat freak hubby quickly changed my ways. Here are some tips that I thought you might find helpful in caring for your clothes and making them last:

  • As soon as you get home from work or school, make sure you change out of your clothes. This helps in preventing tear and wear of the garment.

  • Some items can go a couple of wears before actually hitting the washer. For example jeans and darker colored items (that is of course making sure they have no stains). I usually wear my jeans at least twice before washing. Excessive washing can wear out your clothes in no time and fade colors. ( I actually learned this from my hubby)

  • This might sound like a no brainer, but make sure you are reading the labels on your clothes for proper instructions. If it says hand wash, then make sure you are not sticking it in the washer and so on. When it comes to clothes from Forever 21, I've had experiences when they get damaged really easily, so I try to take extra care of them and usually will just opt for hand washing.

  • When you change out of your clothes decide if it needs to be hanged, folded or put in the laundry basket right away. Sometimes we might get lazy and just find it easier to stuff it in a ball in our drawers- big no-no. The next time you want to wear something it will be all wrinkled and you will wish you had taken the extra time to put it away.

  • Use quality hangers, I personally like the felted kind.

  • Fold your sweaters, instead of hanging them, this will avoid those annoying hanger marks on the shoulders. Another tip when hanging tops and t-shirts, is to push the hanger through the bottom , instead of the neck. This will avoid it stretching of the neckline.

Well, I think that's all I have for now. Got a tip you'd like to share...then leave us a comment.


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