Does Carrying a VS Bag Make you Feel Sexy?

Slipping into some sexy pj's you bought at Victoria's Secret can make you feel, well, sexy...but according to a study by the University of Minnesota you don't have to wait until you get home to feel that way. The study found that for some women just by carrying a Victoria's Secret bag can automatically make you feel sexy. "These people carried the bag for an hour and as a result felt more glamorous, more sexy and feminine. They didn't even use or wear any of the products," said marketing professor Deborah Roedder John, who conducted the study with Ji Kyung Park. What you think? Does carrying a VS bag around the mall make you feel sexy? Let's see what our poll says....


1 comment

  1. i've never noticed this, but i think i agree with what they're saying! although i've only carried a VS bag WITH an item in it, i just feel more feminine knowing i bought sexy lingerie. i guess thats how i see it


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