I'm Running My First 5K.....

I'm convinced that some people are just born runners--I'm not one of them. Take for example my friend Amanda, she's training for a marathon and every weekend she runs like 10 miles. I don't consider myself to be out of shape...but I couldn't run 10 miles even if I were being chased by a wild animal. Ok, maybe I exaggerate, but I guess I just get bored running. Well...my hubby recently signed us up to run a 5K...AND it's a month away. We're doing the 13.1 in Fort Lauderdale, Fl that will benefit World Vision. I really want to be able to run the whole thing (without walking) so I'm doing the Dunkin Donuts Smart Zero to 5K Plan (unfortunately it doesn't consist of eating a glazed donut each day...I wish!) It's suppose to be an easy training program to help you get ready to run a 5K. This past Sunday was my first day. So in case you're in the same boat as I am or maybe thinking about running a 5K here's a link to the program. (oh...and they'll be many pics to come)


  1. Running is all about training and no matter how slow you're going you should just keep going ... Good Luck ;)


  2. WoW, it's so fun to have discovered this blog ! I registered for a 5k, me too, a month ago...now the race is Sunday. I'm freaking out.( I never was good in sport, i spent my time to run more after boys or clothes )
    My boyfriend is a real runner and he gives me a lot of advice.I think i'm doing it more for him.
    Anyway, i'm sure we will be great.Don't start too fast lol. Have fun and good luck = )


  3. Hi Judith... so glad you discovered my blog. Welcome and hope you keep coming back. That's so exciting you're running a 5K too. Keep us posted how it goes!!

  4. Hi Judith..so glad you discovered our blog. Hope you keep coming back. That's exciting you're running a 5K too. Keep us posted how it goes.


  5. Yep - don't worry about your time, just keep going. Good luck with your run, by the end of training you'll be addicted!


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