Sequined Skirt: $60

December 2, 2010   
I've been looking for a sequined skirt for the holidays and I think I might have just spotted the perfect skirt with the perfect price too! It's from Victoria's Secret and it's currently on sale for $59. They also have it in gold, green and silver.

Where to Buy:
Sequined Skirt, Victoria's Secret, $59 (Navy)

*To dress down the sequins, try pairing it with a chambray skirt (like the one I blogged about the other day).


  1. This is exactly what I needed!... Any clue i it' available in stores? ... I'd love to get the skirt but would have to try it onfirst, Definitely Holiday look! ... Thanks for sharing! ;)

  2. They have black and silver ones exactly like this at La Vie En Rose (Canada) for 14.99 right now!!!


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