VFB's Closet: Make a Wish

Here are the rest of the pics I took in my friend’s apartment lobby a couple of weeks back. In the hot summer days I’ve actually worn this as a dress, but since it was starting to get nippy I paired it up with some tights and made the dress double as a tunic. The dress is from an Australian line called Wish, which I was introduced to a couple of months back and have been hooked ever since (you can see me wearing some of their clothes here .) I also really love the back of this dress. It’s suppose to get down to the 40’s in Miami tomorrow, so I’m really excited to start pulling out some of my sweaters and coats, which I’ve actually realized I really don’t own that many sweaters so I might have to do some shopping. I also feel like I’m starting to get a cold (sniff sniff) so I’m doubling up on my orange juice.

In my closet:
Dress: c/o Wish
Shoes: Jessica Simpson ‘Dany’ pump via Diallard’s
Tights: Target



  1. I'm in Miami too and i'd love to see what you're wearing now, because i am so not prepared for this weather lol

  2. I want those shoes!!! specially since that's my name lol! I love the look!



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