Beauty Review: Essie's Red Nouveau

I normally never wear red nail polish, mainly because I've never found the right shade that goes with my skin tone. That's why when I received this nail polish from Essie I was a bit hesitant to try it out. I'm glad I finally did though... because I love it. The red is the perfect shade, not to bright and I also feel it's the perfect shade for the winter. You can add some color to your nails but without being to Springy (is this a Make sure you apply at least two coats. I was in a hurry when I did my nails so only applied one coat and it started chipping the next day.

Essie, Red Nouveau



  1. That is a great color. I need to do my nails.

  2. This color is really pretty! Essie never disappoints though

  3. That color goes really nicely with your skin tone. It's not too red, but not too pale. Nice choice.

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