VFB's Closet: Sunset


The sun started setting sooner than I thought, so only managed to snap a quick shot of this new dress from Lulu's before I was left in the dark. Here's a peak at one of the pics I was able to salvage (hopefully will be sharing more next week). How was your weekend? I actually cut my hair this weekend. I was contemplating it for a while, but finally took the plunge. I really like it and not to mention it's so much easier to manage and style (will have more pics. of that too soon).

Have a great week!



  1. I enjoy you outfit posts so much! YOu look stunning in that dress, the silhouette fits you perfectly!

    Have a lovely week doll! xo

  2. Darling, you look gorgeous and I think the lighting is perfect! It gives the dress a hint of mystery and romance (I'm a hopeless romantic) :)


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