Recipe: In-Your-Sleep Chili

So a couple of months ago I bought my first slow-cooker . It’s probably the best kitchen appliance I’ve ever bought for the money (under $40 bucks). I basically prepare everything in the morning, stick it in the crock-pot, leave to work and when I get home dinner is ready. You can make everything in it from main dishes to desserts. So….from time to time I thought it’d be nice to share with you some of these easy slow-cooked recipes. Here’s the first one I made, called “In-Your-Sleep Chili” from Better Homes and Gardens Magazine (click here to get the recipe). It was a success with the hubby and super easy to make.

I left it cooking for 6 hours on low.

p.s. You can buy a slow-cooker almost anywhere… Target, Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond (just make sure it has automatic turn-off). I bought mine at JCPenney.


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