VFB's Interview with Betsey Johnson

So this past weekend our Viva Fashion correspondant (a.k.a. my friend Rachel) had the chance to interview Betsey Johnson during the grand opening of her latest store in Boca Raton, Florida (her first ever white store). She shares with us some of her must-have fashion items and gives us some insight on working with Steve Madden.

VFB: If women could only splurge on 4 fashion items what should they be?

BJ: High heels, waist cinchers, petticoats and anything sexy. You should always wear what you want.

VFB: How has it been working with Steve Madden?

BJ: I'm very excited to work and collaborate with Steve Madden. Steve makes amazing shoes and will be a great business partner. He will be helping with the licensing of products. All the products will still stay true to my style image.

VFB: Any plans to do any designer collaborations with a retailer like Target or H&M?

BJ: As of now, no.

VFB: If you weren't a fashion designer, what would you be doing?

BJ: I'd be a rockette or an interior decorator


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  1. I never knew she was collaborating with Steve Madden?, can't wait to check that out. Thanks for sharing!


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