Michael Kors Closet's Essentials

As I've mentioned before one of my biggest wardrobe resolutions for this year was to start adding more staples to my closet. So far I've been good at keeping up with this, even at times forgoing a trendy piece for a pair of black pants or black ballet flats. The other day while flipping through Elle Magazine I saw a really cool article where Michael Kors shares his closet essentials. It's really helped me figure out what else I need to buy. Thought you might enjoy this list as well. I already added a white fitted tee to my closet (bought it yesterday at J.Crew on sale for $14).

Kor's Closet Essentials
1. White Tank or fitted white short-sleeve tee 2. Fitted long-sleeve blouse in white silk
3. Skinny-leg white jeans 4. Crisp dark denim jeans 5. Trench in khaki or black
6. Black cashmere V-neck cardigan 7. Black cashmere fitted long-sleeve crewneck
8. Black pencil skirt 9. Black sleeveless crewneck sheath 10. Black lightweight-wool tailored pantsuit.

Here are some of my picks....

Where to Buy:
Perfect Fit Tee, J.Crew, $22.50
Silk Shirt with Pockets, Zara, $69
Moto Skinny Jeans, Top Shop, $80
Khaki Belted Trench, Nordstrom, $79


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  1. I'm luvin the trench coat. I can't believe it's so cheap. Really considering getting it and wearing it a dress this fall. Thanks!!

    ..shop, shop, shop


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